Why Talk With Pat & Dale?

Because first, your house actually gets sold, and second, you  end up with  more money. We sell a higher percentage of our listings than any other local agents. If you believe you deserve the most possible from your sale, talk to Pat and Dale. If money is no object, list your home with any good Realtor, friend, or relative and you’ll do fine, but if you want the most money possible, talk with Pat and Dale.

How do we get you more money?

In 3 ways: Negotiating, Staging, and Marketing that is superior. That’s it. As long as you list with an accomplished local agent, anyone can sell your home if it’s priced right, the MLS insures that. But what price will you get? The skill set, marketing techniques, negotiating skills, and professionalism of the agent can  make a difference  in these  areas. A sign is a sign and a lock box is a lock box, but professional services like negotiating, marketing, and staging vary widely from Realtor to Realtor.


We’ve had years of of formal, paid, professional training in negotiating. Squeezing $2,000 – $10,000 out of a sale while negotiating is  more than just “holding to your price”. Remember the TV show “Columbo”, when Peter Falk was walking away he would always turn back and say “Oh, and just one more thing?” That’s a negotiating technique called “nibble negotiating”, and it works. There are many more professional negotiating techniques that you’ll benefit from when you partner with Pat and Dale.


Show us  3 different Realtors, and we’ll show you three different ways they stage a home. What works in Alabama doesn’t work in Arizona. Heck, what works south of Bell Road doesn’t even work north of Bell Road ! It’s not “one size fits all”, and skill level does make a difference and will impact how much money you get from your sale. Pat knows what’s she’s doing when she helps you stage your home. A house that looks better, sells for more.


The high tech/low tech combo:

We sold a home to a buyer from back east recently. They contacted us through a professionally photographed internet ad on Zillow, one of 300 websites we place your listing on. We sold another home from the unique individual home website and Youtube video we create for all our listings. Explore our “About HomeSmart” page to see some of the high tech mass exposure items we regularly use.

In the adult communities, low tech is still crucial. We sold a home when a renter out for a walk picked up a flyer from our brochure box and bought the house. We’ve sold homes off our 4 open houses each weekend, we’ve been doing them for years. We advertise your home weekly to 30,000 homes in Surprise and people call us. We sell off our massive direct mail program. You deserve the best of both worlds of both high tech and low tech marketing.

To summarize

The primary reason to meet with Pat and Dale, is first, because we get your house sold. We sell a higher percentage of our listings than any other agents in the area.  Second, talk to us  to get more money from your sale through superior negotiating, staging, and marketing. If we couldn’t net you more money than most agents, we wouldn’t feel like we were earning our commission.

The skill level of professional services of the Realtor you choose will make a difference of $2000-$20,000 in your sale. The MLS sells the houses, but the agent influences the selling price through professional negotiating, staging, and marketing.

We hope you’ll consider us, both for your sake and ours!

PS – Like many Realtors, we’re also very nice people and pleasant to work with!