Why Buy From Pat & Dale?


When  shopping you shouldn’t overlook anything. We prefer you see everything before making a decision, and that’s how we show houses. We don’t just show you  our companies listings, we’re willing to  show you every listing, the entire market.

Availability – we are full time professionals

We’re available to show homes 7 days a week, 363 days a year…any time, any home – call us.

We share our opinion of market value of each home

Del Webb homes have a huge range of “comparable sales”. You can spend $200,000 or $450,000 on a Borgata. That’s because 40% of the original price of our homes consisted of “extras” or “lot premiums”. It takes a high skill level to accurately estimate current market value for a home, upgrades, and location premium, especially when almost half the active inventory homes are way  overpriced and will expire without selling each year.

Protection against overpaying saves you $5000-$30,000

Hundreds of overpriced listings expire without selling  each year in the adult communities, but a few overpriced listings  do sell.   Don’t be the “looky lou” that buys an OPT (over priced turkey) because it appeares  good in comparison to other “open houses” .   Overpriced homes often look like a “steal”, if you haven’t professionally researched the other possibilities. You’ll know when a seller is being unrealistic because  we provide you with the comparable sales and our accurate,  professional  estimate of value for any home you are considering, before beginning negotiations.


We are not “in a rush”. If it takes three years before you buy, fine. We do ask that if you walk into an open house and love it, you call us to write the offer…we think that’s fair. We also ask that during the process, if you like how we work with you, refer your friends/neighbors/relatives to us. That way, we don’t have to “rush”, taking our time benefits both you and us.  We do want to get paid eventually, but on your time schedule, not ours.

Our negotiating skills and training saves you $2000 – $10,000

We’ve had a lot of formal education in negotiating. We can usually save you $2000-$10,000 more than most Realtors, just by structuring the negotiations and packing the offer properly. We’re not kidding, you will pay  less when you allow us to represent you and to write your offer, simply because of our superior negotiating training and experience.


We also ask that if you like how we work with buyers, you refer your friends or neighbors who could use patient, professional help to us. Your referrals allow us to be the patient professionals we are, and allows us to provide maximum value to you from our real estate services.

To Recap

If you talk with Dale & Pat, you’ll discover  we are patient,  professional,  thorough and available. You’ll know the entire market not just a small slice of open houses or internet pictures. We’ll provide  comparable sales facts and an accurate opinion of value  prior to you writing your offer.   You’ll pay less because we’re trained, professional  negotiators. Don’t delay, call or click us today and discover the unique, professional services we offer.