Free Waste Management Open Tickets for Veterans

Did you know if you are a veteran you can get 2 free tickets per day to the Waste Management Open? Just go here: You also get free tickets if you are police, fire, active military, or retired military. You may also qualify for the spectacular "Birdies for the Brave" hospitality tent, right near the entrance to the left. It's a lot of fun, very comfortable, and free! … [Read more...]

Hot Deals Are Still Out There!

Looking for a Hot Foreclosure List of all the homes in the Surprise Area? Click Here Now! … [Read more...]

Housing Bubble?

Here is a great article that applies to our normal housing market in Phoenix, NOT to the adult communities, but to all the rest of the "normal" housing market. We have personally  watched this phenomenon occur over the last 6 years and in my opinion, this article is highly accurate. From Mark Hanson of Hanson Advisors Why We Could Be In A Housing Bubble Right Now Let me preface this note by saying “I am a raging bull over houses”. I love real estate. On any given Sunday you can find … [Read more...]

Buy or Sell with the same agent?

Buy or sell with the same agent? Maybe yes, maybe no. Agents are independent contractors and have significant latitude in how they do business. IRS rules lay out a set of “tests” to qualify for independent-contractor status. Real estate companies that contract with agents are conscious about the tests as non-compliance could mean heavy fines for the company. For example, the company can encourage, but not require, an independent contractor agent to attend meetings or training. Many … [Read more...]

Unlocking the Mystery of Real Estate Commissions

Are Commissions Negotiable? In some areas of the country there is a certain percentage that real estate agents expect to earn as a commission. This commission amount is a certain percent of the sales price. Or, some companies will charge a set fee for their services. However, just like anything else in real estate, this amount is negotiable. When completing the listing agreement, you and your agent will agree on the amount of the real estate commission. Cut-Rate Listing Commissions With … [Read more...]

Tips on Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

When conversing with real estate agents, you will often find that when they talk to you about buying real estate, they will refer to your purchase as a “home.” Yet if you are selling property, they will often refer to it as a “house.” There is a reason for this. Buying real estate is often an emotional decision, but when selling real estate you need to remove emotion from the equation. You need to think of your house as a marketable commodity. Property. Real estate. Your goal is to get others … [Read more...]

The Effect Changing Jobs Has on Buying a Home

For most people, changing employers will not really affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage loan, especially if you are going to be earning more money. For some homebuyers, however, the effects of changing jobs can be disastrous to your loan application. How Changing Jobs Effects Buying a Home Salaried Employees If you are a salaried employee who does not earn additional income from commissions, bonuses, or over-time, switching employers should not create a problem. Just make sure … [Read more...]